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What types of dolls are there?



There are two types of dolls: "without attributes" and "with attributes".

Attribute dolls refer to dolls made in the shape of stars, anime characters, etc., which can be generally understood as specific dolls made in the shape of well-known characters. Relatively speaking, no attribute does not have these characteristics, and in terms of price, the price of attribute baby is higher. By searching for cotton dolls on the online shopping platform, the reporter found that most of the cotton dolls on sale are non-attributed, and they are all finished products when they are sold.

Young people in the doll circle divide the hair shape of dolls into "normal hair" and "fried hair" according to the shape. The material is divided into milk silk and high-temperature silk. Usually, milk silk is more expensive because it is soft. Although the price of cotton dolls is not as high as that of BJD, young people are still willing to participate in it.

Development History

Cotton dolls officially became popular in 2018. Up to now, there are more than 70 super chats about cotton dolls on Weibo, and 11 topics have more than 30 million views. There are 15,000 posts about cotton dolls in Tieba. The popularity of cotton dolls has led to a boom in the doll clothing and doll accessories industry. Cotton doll franchise stores have appeared in various cities, and doll fashion shows have been held in the baby raising circle.

The production process of cotton dolls is complicated from group building to modification to formal production and customization. Cotton dolls were initially popular in the Korean rice circle culture. This kind of "cute" doll has developed a unique business model under the boost of new consumption, and quickly occupied the wallets of young people.

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